Vitamin C (1 gram) $29

Boost your immune with extra Vitamin C

vit c-IV-Push.jpg

Super Vitamin B12 (2,000 mg) $29

Increases metabolism, energy, helps with red blood cell production 


Zinc $29

Great element that aids the immune system and metabolism, perfect for diminished smell/taste during/post illness


Glutathione Push (600mg) $29

The master antioxidant in our body. Helps protect your body cell's from free radicals

glutathin IV-Push.jpg

Anti-Inflammatory $29

Toradol is an anti inflammatory that is great for moderate to severe pain relief as well as a fever reducer

anti infla IV-Push.jpg

The Sunshine vitamin injection  $29

Boost yourself with a mega dose of 100,000 units of vitamin D

vit D IV-Push.jpg

Vitamin C (10 grams) $99

Mega dose of vitamin C to get rid of your illness faster

vit c-IV-Push.jpg

Lipotropic MIC Shot $29

Combination of ingredients that are administered to increase fat metabolism and boost wellness

lipo mic shot-IV-Push.jpg

Magnesium Sulfate $29

Great for stress, migraine, cough

magnesium IV-Push.jpg

Biotin $29

Improve the health of your skin, hair and nails

biotin IV-Push.jpg

Anti-Nausea $29

Zofran is widely used for the relief of nausea and vomiting

anti nausea-IV-Push.jpg