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Home Covid PCR Testing

Home Covid PCR Testing Now Available from Best IV Drips

Best IV Drips is an innovative company that seeks to offer convenient at home/office Covid PCR Testing. Schedule your appointment today, and a nurse will come to your desired location and perform the test. Results are back within 12-24 hours.


We Also offer respiratory panel testing, which includes the 20 most common viruses incase your symptoms are not related to COVID. 


The home Covid tests we offer are the most accurate tests available in detecting the Covid-19 virus.

Best IV Drips home Covid PCR test includes a 72-hour QR code that is ideal for travelers. And note, Best IV Drips offers pricing discounts for group testing arrangements.

Ready to book your home Covid PCR test? For more information regarding our Home Covid PCR Testing services, please contact Best IV Drips online, by email, or by phone at 347-460-0295.

Follow Best IV Drips on Instagram for updates & special offers. Check out our online testimonials regarding the various mobile IV Drips and services.

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