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Package deals

You can choose from our tailor-made health packages and save on your time and money!

Glutathione Glow Drip Package 

Boost collagen, brighten skin, supports hair skin and nails, improves metabolism, boosts energy and detoxify your liver from free radicals.

Iron Drip Package

Boost your Hemoglobin with our special iron infusion that includes vitamin C that helps absorb iron better and a B12 booster that aids in red blood cell production and energy boost

Super Immunity Boost Package 

Iv fluids combined with Mega dose of vitamin C, Zinc, B-complex, B12 and antioxidantes to supercharge your immune system in fighting cold, Covid-19, flu and viral infections.

Mental Clarity Package

NAD+ drip helps with mental clarity, fatigue, supports brain health and reverse aging.

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