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Personalized, Doctor-Backed Weight Loss Medicine

To schedule your initial evaluation, click here. Start reducing weight the same day you get your prescription. Alter your life right now.

Neither a rigorous diet nor strenuous exercise

10% weight loss guarantee for the first year

Science backed FDA Approved medication

On average, our members shed almost 53 pounds.

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We use science to help make weight loss a little bit simpler because it's difficult.

1. Doctor's Consultation

Your weight loss plan with prescription medicine will be created by a licenced medical professional after reviewing your BMI and medical history.

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2. Get Medication

Delivered to your house or picked up at a neighbourhood drugstore. immediately after insurance permission is prescribed.

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3. Shed Pounds

Only our programme offers frequent medical visits and a quarterly lab test to determine your progress.

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Age Reduction

The Top Anti-Aging Experts in America



America's Top Experts in Weight Loss



Weight Loss With or Without Insurance, FDA-Approved


Women's Wellness

Fertility, Menopause, and Hormone Therapy

The Broadest Range of Available Weight Loss Programs

No Insurance Required

GLP-1TM Ultimate Weight Loss Program

Our ultimate weight loss package. Includes monthly subscription to FDA-approved medication for weight loss, an Apple® Fitness+ Membership, and Hormone Therapy.

Membership Includes:

Prescription for semaglutide (GLP-a) per month

Medication is not covered by insurance

Personalized Weight-Loss Program

Membership to Apple® Fitness+ ($200+ Value)

Treatment for Hormone Therapy and Refills

Support and Messaging with Expert Doctors*

$149/month for first month

Most well-liked

Weight Loss Program using GLP-1TM

Subscription to a weight-loss drug that has FDA approval per month. incorporates diagnostic tests to aid in developing your treatment strategy.

Membership Includes:

GLP-1a Monthly Prescription (Ozempic, Mounjaro, Saxenda, Rybelsus, Trulicity, Victoza, or Wegovy)

Metabolic lab testing and analysis at first

Individualized Weight-Loss Plan

Support and Messaging with Expert Doctors*

$99/month for first month

Doctor's Advice

GLP-1TM Complete Weight Loss Program

Our most complete offering. In order to maximise your weight loss, the order includes a membership to Apple® Fitness+ and quarterly dia

Membership Includes:

GLP-1a Monthly Prescription (Ozempic, Mounjaro, Saxenda, Rybelsus, Trulicity, Victoza, or Wegovy)

Quarterly testing for the thyroid, metabolism, and hormones

Concierge Lab Testing at Home

Support and messaging with knowledgeable physicians*

Membership to Apple® Fitness+ ($200+ Value)

$99/month for first month

The following advantages and restrictions are relevant:

$25 / month out of pocket for FDA-approved weight loss medication

Qualified for HSAs and FSAs

Itemized bill for payment of out-of-network expenses

Medication costs are not included.

With insurance, not liable for copayments or deductibles

Membership is invoiced every four weeks to match the cycle of your prescriptions.

At-home testing is presently available in select markets (CA/NY/TX/FL/NJ). Coverage is subject to change.

Video consultations with medical professionals are not covered by the cost of the programme and are individually billed by insurance.

Following Medical Weight Loss Programs vs. Other Weight Loss Programs

Consultation and prescription waiting periods:



3 Months

 Other Brands

1 Month

Typical Weight Lost:




Average Loss of Weight




Medical Program:

Medication for GLP-1:

In-Home Tests:

fifty states:

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